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4 steps how TravelClef delivers an amazing team bonding experience for companies

Being one of the first in the world to conduct team bonding for corporate organizations using music, TravelClef holds high standards in ensuring we deliver an amazing team building experience for our clients.

As we always showcase the fruits of our labour, it is also important to show the laborious effort we put in to make every workshop ideal for participants to have fun and bond together.

Recently, we conducted a Music Jam workshop at Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa, for Microsoft.

And we'll like to take you through the day and show you the 4 steps we take to deliver a memorable team building experience for all our clients!

Step One: Planning The Programme

Prior to executing the actual programme, we communicate with our clients to plan out their day and programme flow so as to fit into the activities they have planned for the day. We find out from them their requirements, duration, event timing and if there are any special requests (e.g. speech by management, award presentation for staff etc.)


A shot of us setting up our foldable cajon!

Step Two: Logistics Planning

With the programme planned out, logistics was the next to come along. We had detailed plans of what we needed to bring and how we should the set up the cajons and tune the ukuleles. On the actual day for our event with Microsoft, after the set up, we had no time to lose and we shifted the instruments into the actual hall and the workshop commenced soon after.

hall set-up

Our Music Jam programme includes learning the ukulele and cajon (one after another), thus, the cajons were set up and placed at the back first.

Step Three: Delivery of the Programme

Here comes our forte! All of our instructors at TravelClef are well trained to deliver a programme that is engaging, interesting and fun for the participants. We have proven teaching methods to guide the participants step-by-step to playing the ukulele/cajon. It is never a dull session with our high energy deliverance of our programmes.

Greeting the participants from Microsoft for the first time, we must say they were really energetic and high-spirited right from the start! Their ability to follow quickly and resilience to play correctly certainly impressed us, as most of them did not have a musical background. Benjamin, our main instructor, was able to feed off their vibe and the lesson flowed without a hitch.

The whole experience was very memorable for both instructors and participants; they displayed great camaraderie and made the team-building program entertaining for everyone. They dedicated a song for a colleague whose birthday was coming up soon.

Their performances were even more impressive as each group displayed ideas that were refreshing and humorous! When we see them being more comfortable with the instruments and laughing with one another, we know that we have achieved our objective of bonding them together through the fun of playing music.

providing assistance to everyone

Here's a video to show just how much fun the participants had!

The smooth-sailing process was all thanks to the meticulous effort spent on preparation.

The delivery of our workshops are crucial to us as we truly want to create the most enjoyable environment possible. We hope to temporarily put away their woes at work and bond with their co-workers through the avenue of music. This way, clients will have a unique learning experience and can improve their rapport, which benefits work productivity in the long run.

The countless experience our instructors have had from holding different workshops have enabled them to be competent and confident in executing an engaging programme - a skill that can only be perfected with relentless effort. Should there be a song requests from our clients, they will find out and ensure they have the chords and lyrics familiarised.

Perhaps this is what we seek in our roles at TravelClef. The smiles we bring onto our participants’ faces, the passion for music that we re-ignite in them, and the close-knitted relationships that they forge.

Step Four: Post Event

Upon completing the programme, that is where we proceed to pack up our logistics. We may have expended our physical energy but our hearts are full from the looks of enjoyment and sense of accomplishment for fulfilling their childhood dreams of playing a musical instrument!

behind the glory

Our instructor transporting our logistics back to our office

To commemorate the wonderful memories we have with our clients, pictures and videos taken during the event will be sent to our clients as part of out event package!

microsoft and travelclef

A complete group shot with the fun loving people from Microsoft

At the end of the day, it may be tedious and physically demanding for our team, but for the achievement and smiles we get in return from our participants, it is all worthwhile!

We hope you've enjoyed reading our post on how we deliver an impactful and fun team building activity for our clients! Check out our team building activities if you are planning one for your company!

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