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How to get to TravelClef?

During this week's review of Facebook, the TravelClef team found that there have been comments saying that the office was too hard to find. I personally had quite a bit of trouble finding the office myself when I first came for my internship interview. If you key in TravelClef into the taxi booking apps, you'll actually be directed to the Audi Service Centre. A tip to solve this is to key in Crocodile house instead, and ask to be dropped off at the back lobby. If you are planning to come by public transport, especially the MRT, no worries, below is a pictured tutorial on how to get here!:)

From MacPherson MRT Station, take exit A

When you reach street level turn left, you should see this.

If it is raining, you can take the sheltered path on the left before crossing the overhead bridge. Although it does not shelter you all the way, it does reduce the time you spend under the rain!:)

Alternatively, the path I usually take because I'm lazy, is to cross the road.

Looking to your right, you would see the zebra crossing and go towards your left left after.

Cross the road and you will see another zebra crossing on your left.

After crossing the zebra crossing, proceed left.

Walk straight all the way till you see this traffic crossing below. (It is the first traffic light you would see along this path)

After crossing this traffic light, on your right, you will see a zebra crossing. Cross it and walk towards your right.

Walk down the path above till you reach the crocodile house building. Which is also right opposite the traffic police complex.

This (above) would be the building that we are located at.

Walk down this path all the way to the back lobby.

This would the the back lift lobby that you'll have to take.

We are located at level 5!

The sight you would see when the doors open. Don't worry, it only looks a little creepy. Once you step into our space, you'll forget all about it.

Give our door bell a ring and we'll come get you real soon!:)

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