Ukulele Passport Workshop

Looking for ukulele lessons?
 You probably are looking at the most popular ukulele course in Singapore!
Thousands have attended our workshop where they are able to play and sing in just 2 hours, even if they have ZERO music background!
Why name it Ukulele "Passport" Workshop?
Because in just 2 hours with us, you will possess the "passport" to enter the world of music, and achieve your dream of playing music!
Our ukulele lessons are unique. Instead of weekly lessons, we split our ukulele course into 5 levels, where each level is a one-time workshop.

Watch our students perform after learning for just 2 hours!

See what our students say about our ukulele course!

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If you sign up for all 5 levels of our ukulele workshop, you get a FREE Ukulele worth $109 and you get to save an additional $80!

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  • How to play chords without having to look at chord diagrams!

  • How to switch chords fast

  • How to play and sing with the Ukulele.

  • The 4 chords that will let you play over 50 popular songs! Including: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, Country Roads by John Denver, Sha La La by Vengaboys.


Limited-time Offer:

FREE Ukulele worth $109!


  • How to play 4 more open chords that will allow you to sing along to songs like Let it Be, Hey Jude and etc.

  • New strumming technique that is upbeat and can be used for almost all songs

  • How to pluck on the Ukulele.

  • How to play simple melody on the instrument through tab reading.

All higher level classes will start with a recap session for the previous levels


  • Understanding the concept of rhythm and beats.

  • How to create your own unique strum pattern.

  • Play along to 5 evergreen songs with more new chords (dominant 7 chords). 

  • Songs include: Somewhere Over Rainbow, Imagine by John Lennon and etc.

All higher level classes will start with a recap session for the previous levels


  • Music theory concepts and how to transpose the key of a song.

  • New strumming technique: Chunking.

  • Hands-on approach to guide you in finding the right key you can sing along to.

  • A songbook of 15 songs is included in the workshop.


All higher level classes will start with a recap session for the previous levels


  • The formula to derive all major/minor chords on the Ukulele, without having to refer to a chord diagram.

  • How to form a barre chord.

  • Theory concepts behind how to form a barre chord.

  • New strumming technique: Syncopation.


All higher level classes will start with a recap session for the previous levels


UPW Complete Package:

Save $80 when you buy all levels​ ​

Save up to $80

UPW Level 2-5 Package:

Save $45 when you buy all levels​ ​

UPW Level 3-5 Package:

Save $35 when you buy all levels​ ​

Freedom to select workshop dates!

(No more worries about last minute availability)

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