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Cajon Course

Have you always been the highly energetic person who find yourself grooving to beats and tapping along to rhythms? This course is just for you! The cajon (pronounced as Car-horn) is an african drum that has evolved to become the direct replacement of the full sized acoustic drum! Commonly seen in acoustic bands, this pint-sized drum is the perfect percussion instrument for modern music and even dance music like samba, reggae and waltz! This is just the right percussion instrument that you can store in your house or office to bring out in special occasions to jam along with your family, friends and colleagues! 


Moreover, TravelClef only uses our very own Entzücken foldable Cajon that can be folded to fit into a briefcase-sized bag! We are very sure that your wife, mum or roomie would not complain that our foldable cajon is taking up space in the house!


Available in Beginner and Intermediate courses to cater to students with different learning appetites!

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