At TravelClef, we promise sessions that are Fun, Engaging, Interactive and Enjoyable for

all participants, regardless of age.

All our team building programmes are specially crafted to

suit your company's objectives and goals.


Music is a universal language.


That is why our programmes are able to communicate with

people from different nationalities and cultures.

We have run our team bonding activities in Singapore and overseas,

for small staff retreats to huge cross-regional conventions.


Participants do not need to have any prior musical knowledge at all!


Browse our wide range of activities below or call us now to

speak to one of our friendly team members.

  • Bridge the gap between employees across departments

  • 8 - 400 pax

  • 1.5 hours - full day programmes 

  • At a venue of your choice

  • Close to 10 different programmes for you to choose from

  • Corporate or school team building activities beyond Singapore 

  • 10 - 200 pax

  • 2 hours - full day programmes 

  • Personalized instruments for each participant, making the event a memorable one

  • Perfect for busy working adults   

  • Choose between lunch-hour or after-office hour classes

  • At the comfort of your own office

  • 8 - 25 pax per class 

  • Ukulele, guitar, keyboard, cajon lessons and more...

(for Schools)
  • Improve productivity and communication within your organization

  • Choose from 4 structured courses (guaranteed fun!)

  • Max 25 pax per session

  • At the comfort of your own office

  • Get subsidies and benefit from the Tote Board Arts Grant

  • Applicable to all levels of Primary, Secondary, Junior College and ITE schools

  • 20 - 40 pax per class

  • Instruments and materials will be provided without additional costs

  • Private events / DnD & townhall performances / staff retreat / company retreat / staff appreciation and more...