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for Schools 

Applicable to all levels of Primary, Secondary, Junior College and ITE schools, our "Fun with Ukulele!" Programme has received great feedback from students and teachers over the years.


Through this programme, we aim to enrich the students' curriculum by exposing them to the basics of ukulele playing. Students will be able to strum basic chords effectively, along to their own singing, and be exposed to a first-hand performing experience through the performance-based session at the end of the programme. 

By developing their musical skills through the learning of the ukulele, students will also have the opportunity to interact and have fun with their peers through the playing and sharing of music together.

All instruments and materials will be provided without additional costs.

Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise the programme cost. There is a subsidy of up to 50% of the programme cost for mainstream schools, and up to 70% of the programme cost for Special Education Schools. 

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