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Fulfil your dream of playing music today

Always wanted to learn music, but don't know how? 

More than 2000 adults with zero music background have attended our music workshops and have fulfilled their dream of playing a music instrument!

Why learn from us?

Traditional music schools usually require a long-term commitment, where students attend weekly music lessons.

Here's why we are unique:

While it's definitely good for practice, realistically speaking, a lot of adults are unable to commit to lessons regularly.

1) Effective & No Huge Time Commitment Needed ✖️⌛️

Instead of regular weekly lessons, we teach music in a one-time workshop where concepts are easy to understand.

2) Video Resources to Help with Practice 📹

We record videos of songs that are taught during the workshop so you can jam along at home and revise at no additional cost.

3) Jam with other like-minded music lovers 🎶

We conduct monthly jamming sessions with all of our students so everybody can experience playing music in a fun environment.

4) Flexibility 📆

Unable to make it for the workshop due to busy schedule? We don't forfeit your fees!

You can always reschedule your workshop (at no extra cost) to the next available date.

Hear our student's experience with us!

All of our students receive these bonuses!

Digital and Physical Resources

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All students receive a FREE physical booklet during lessons plus a FREE eBook that contains even more songs to play along to! 

Video Tutorials

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After the workshop is over, you will receive a set of video tutorials of the songs covered during the workshop so you can jam along and practice your instrument.

Access to our Music Mania sessions!

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Music Mania is our monthly jamming session where students learning different instruments play together.


You will receive 2 tickets to join our monthly Music Mania sessions to jam together with all of our students!



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