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Want To Learn Keyboard Easily?

You can start playing the keyboard with both hands in just 3 HOURS even if you are a complete beginner!

❌ No music background needed.

❌ No difficult music theory required.

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If you find that hard to believe...

Watch this video of our students play a song using both hands,

right after attending level 1 of our keyboard workshop!

Why the "normal" way of learning piano is difficult

The normal way of learning piano is to first learn how to read musical notation.

When you attend music classes in well known music schools like Yamaha, Cristofori etc...

(Don't get us wrong, their programmes are good)

They teach you how to read notes on the treble clef (using right hand) and bass clef (left hand).

You learn the different types of musical notes, key signatures before you can play a simple melody line on the piano.

We're not saying these theoretical concepts are not important... 

They are crucial for building a strong foundation.

But for a beginner who is just starting out...


This is just tough and boring!


Even after lots of practice, it will take you quite some time before you can play a melody on the right hand.

What's worse is many parents in Singapore send their kids to these piano classes for the sake of getting them "graded" for exams.

When you combine the stress of learning such complex theory concepts and taking piano exams, what happens?

You kill the joy and fun of learning piano.

Learning music should be done in an enjoyable and simple way.

Here's our secret method that helped hundreds of beginners to learn piano fast:

This is something amazing we discovered:

That by just forming ONE shape on your hand...

And moving that same shape around the piano...

You can form many different chords!

And it'll allow you to play many of your favourite pop songs.

It's our proven method where thousands of students have learnt and applied.

How it works:

Chords are simply a group of notes being pressed together.

Here's the first chord we teach our students:

C chord.png

As you can see, the right hand uses 3 fingers which forms a "shape":

135 finger.png

Here's the interesting part:

When you move this "shape" around, you can easily form other different chords!

The diagram below shows the 4 commonly used chords in pop songs:

4 chord cgamf.png

See how these 4 chords uses the same 135 shape!

Now you can see why our students can start playing after just one lesson.

This is also why our Keyboard Beginner Course is perfect for beginners.


We start with simple concepts like this and expand to teach our students more techniques and songs.

Our course is designed to be progressive, step-by-step and easy to follow!

About our workshop

About Our Keyboard Workshop

There are 5 levels in our Keyboard Workshop.


Each workshop is a one-time 3 hour workshop.

By the end of the whole course, beginners will be able to play songs using both hands, where the right hand plays the melody and left hand plays the chords.

In each new level, we will recap what was learnt previously.

Step-by-step and progressive.

Overview of our workshop

Overview of what you will learn in each level:


​What you will learn:

  • The 4 chords that will let you play more than 70 pop songs!

  • The one jamming pattern you can apply for all songs, using both hands!

  • Play songs like: You Are My Sunshine, Shalala, Just the Way You Are, Let It Be, and I'm Yours.

Limited-time Offer:

FREE Flexi-Piano worth $169!


What you will learn:​

  • More chords so you can play even more songs! (Em, Dm, D & A)

  • The simple formula to derive ANY major/minor chords you see

  • How to beautify your playing using Arpeggios

  • How to make a song easier to play and sing by using transposition


What you will learn:

  • The alternating 1-finger chord jamming and play it on Count On Me (Bruno Mars)

  • Basics note-reading so you can start playing melodies on the keyboard

  • How to play melody and chords with both hands (Ode to Joy and Jingle Bells)


What you will learn:

  • The waltz accompaniment pattern and use it to play the song Rainbow Connection

  • How to easily read 2 octave of notes on treble clef, using our very special FACE method!

  • What are dotted rests, notes, and how to play them!

  • Play songs like: Can't Help Falling In Love, Country Roads, The End The World.


What you will learn:

  • A new accompaniment pattern called the 'Trip' pattern, where you can apply it to most pop songs!

  • Introduction to key signatures and how it affects your playing

  • 4 exercises to practise reading key signatures and notes

  • Combine your playing with your left hand performing arpeggios and right hand playing melodies!


See what our students say about our

Keyboard Course!

How much is our Keyboard Workshop?

Level 1: $189


(comes with a flexi-piano)

Level 2: $129

Level 3: $129

Level 4: $129

Level 5: $129

The total cost for all 5 levels is $705.

But if you sign up for all levels today...

  • Foundations and understanding of the Keyboard.

  • The Chromatic Scale.

  • Basic Chords.

  • Learn to play these songs: You Are My Sunshine, Shalala, Just the Way You Are, Let It Be, and I'm Yours.

Limited-time Offer:

FREE Flexi-Piano worth $169!


You get a 15% discount at just:




(You save $106!)

Plus, you also get a flexi-piano worth $169:


Duration : 3 hours


What you will learn:

  • The 4 chords that will let you play more than 70 pop songs!

  • The one jamming pattern you can apply for all songs, using both hands!

  • Play songs like: You Are My Sunshine, Shalala, Just the Way You Are, Let It Be, and I'm Yours.

Keyboard Workshop

Level 1

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner. Is it okay to join?

Yes. This course is designed specially for complete beginners with no prior learning experience.

Where are the lessons held?

Most of our lessons are held either at our Stadium branch (right at Stadium MRT) or at our Ubi classroom (10 min walk from Tai Seng MRT)

When are the lesson dates and timings?

Here are the dates for our next 5 workshops:

Level 1: 7 July , Sun, 2:30pm - 5:30pm, Stadium
Level 2: 21 July, Sun, 2:30pm - 5:30pm, Stadium

Level 3: 4 Aug, Sun, 2:30pm - 5:30pm, Stadium

Level 4: 25 Aug, Sun, 2:30pm - 5:30pm, Stadium

Level 5: 8 Sept, Sun, 2:30pm - 5:30pm, Stadium

If you have any date/timing related questions, you can email us at or call us at 88203186.

What if I can't make it for the lesson upon signing up?

You will receive the video recording of the lesson from us.

Plus, we have play-along videos for you to practise the new songs taught.

Can I just sign up the whole package without the flexi piano?

Yes, you can sign up here.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-26 at
✅ No Huge Time Commitment Needed ⏰ 

Traditional music schools usually require a long term commitment, where students go back weekly to attend lessons. 

While it's definitely good for practice, realistically a lot of adults are unable to commit regularly.

Instead of weekly lessons, we teach music in a one-time workshop where concepts are easy to understand.

✅ Video Resources to Help with Practice 📹 


We record videos of songs that are taught during the workshop so our students can jam along at home at no additional cost.

✅ Jam with other like-minded music lovers 🎶

We conduct monthly jamming sessions with all of our students so everybody can experience playing music in a fun environment!

See what our students say

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