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Are you a working adult who have always wanted to learn music but could not find a music provider who could fit your schedule? Ever considered learning music with your colleagues? We are here to solve your dilemma and help you kickstart your music journey.


We understand that most working adults have always wanted to learn a music instrument since young, but did not have the financial means to take up music lessons. Now that they have the financial capacity, they do not have the time and convenience to pursue their music education. 


We pride ourselves as being the first travelling music school in the world! As avid music lovers, we believe strongly in bringing music and joy to everyone. We specialise in bringing our music school to your company! Learn the ukulele, guitar, keyboard, cajon and even singing with your colleagues during lunch time or after working hours, in your office!

Always wanted to learn a musical instrument? No musical background? This is the right instrument to start! In just 8 weeks, you will learn all you need to know to play the ukulele! Hungry for more? Take on the intermediate and advanced course to be the pro-ukuleleist you desire to be! 


Uke Won't Regret it!

Learn Ukulele
Learn Guitar

Learn the basics of guitar in just 8 lessons and fulfill your childhood dream of playing the guitar! Want to be more proficient in the instrument? We have Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Fingerstyle courses available to suit your learning appetite!

Learn Keyboard

Learn the keyboard in your office on our special flexi-keyboard in just 8 weeks! Learn music theory along with the lessons and be the proficient pianist you've always dreamt to be!

Learn Cajon

The Cajon, pronounced as "Car-horn", originated from Africa and is a percussive box drum that is versatile and portable. This box drum is not just fun, but is also a great instrument to learn and start jamming with your colleagues!

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