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Join TravelClef 

A company like a family.

As we strive fulfil our mission of bringing joy to the world through music, we also strive to create a positive work environment at TravelClef.


We value openness, positive can-do attitude, growth mindset and taking pride in one's work. 


Every business has KPIs to be met and targets to hit, but at TravelClef, we never forget to treat each other like family in the process of doing so. 

We foster a positive work environment by having open communications with everyone and adopting a growth mindset that is prepared for any changes. 

If you are someone whose values are aligned with us, and want to create a difference in the world through what we do, we welcome you to apply for our available roles!


Available roles:

Project Executive 

As a project executive in TravelClef, you will be handling all incoming enquiries for our corporate team bonding programmes.

The role involves client management, crafting and presenting proposals for potential clients as well as overseeing the planning of our events.

An ideal candidate should:

  • Possess strong communication skills

  • Be able to present confidently in front of clients

  • Be detail-oriented

  • Excel in planning and executing of tasks

  • Have good EQ

  • Have a team player mindset

  • Be adaptable to change and able to plan ahead

Candidates should have at least 1 year of working experience in any events-related field.

Available roles:

Social Media Marketer

In this role, you will create and distribute media content across all our social media platforms to showcase our products and services.

You will be working closely with our marketing analyst to monitor our campaigns and execute ideas to improve and optimize our ad campaigns.

Having photo/video editing skills and good knowledge across the various social media platforms is a must (FB, IG, Youtube)

An ideal candidate would be someone who dares to explore new marketing ideas, enjoy coming up with new creatives, quick to take action and have a creative mindset.

For more information, click the Apply Now button below.

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