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Looking for a Fun, Engaging and Unique Team Building Programme?
You've landed on the right page, especially if you want to plan one that will impress your colleagues!

From Fortune 500 companies to local SMEs...


8 pax to 400 pax...


Ground staff to CEOs...

We have done it all! 

And here's why you should engage us:

Perfect for everybody


Our music team building programmes are uniquely crafted to suit everybodyregardless of age, background or position in an organisation. 

Bringing people closer through having fun


Music is a universal language. That is why our programmes are able to bond people from different nationalities and cultures.


The best part is, no music background is needed for all of our programmes!

Highly recommended by MNCs and SMEs

Over 300+ companies have trusted us to plan their team building activity for them.


We have conducted our team bonding activities in Singapore and overseas, from small staff retreat to large scale regional conventions. 

But don't just hear it from us.


(Read reviews from our clients)

More than just fun. We deliver your objectives.

While having fun is important, we understand there could be a certain theme or message to bring across to your company.


Be it reinforcing your company's mission or delivering core values, we are able to work closely with you to customise our programme to meet your goals. 

Plan a successful team building event without stress

With close to a decade of delivering our events successfully, we are here to make your planning process easier.

We have a team of professional facilitators to lead your event.


Plus, we offer complimentary photo and videos of your event, so you don't have to engage additional vendors!


All you need to do is to tell us your goals, and you can leave it to us to deliver an amazing experience that your colleagues (and possibly your bosses) will never forget! 

Check out our programmes below and enquire with us today!

Ukulele Passport

Perfect for small teams up to big teams of up to 400 people, our Ukulele Passport programme is designed for everyone, even for people with no musical background! 


This programme aims to inculcate the important skillsets of:

- Systematic learning

- Forward planning 

- Multi-tasking 


Most importantly, it fosters great team work as teams come together to learn a new skill and perform together at the end of it. 


We are so confident in our Ukulele teaching methodology that by the end of this 2 hour session, you will see your colleagues singing and strumming the Ukulele in groups.  


Duration: 2 - 3 hours  

Number of Participants: 8 to 400 pax 

The Pivotal 'Cajon'

The Cajon, or Box drum, is a percussion instrument that is played using our hands.

This course is not only fun, it also allows you to relieve tons of stress!


Learn to play this high energy level instrument and jam to your favourite beats! 


Using the rudiments of cajon as an instrument, this workshop highlights the following objectives:

- Effective collaboration within the organization

- Goal setting, and most importantly, that


"A supportive role, can be a pivotal role in the team."



Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours  

Number of Participants: 8 to 50 pax 

Music Jam

Do the impossible by learning the cajon and ukulele in just 4 hours!


With TravelClef, it is definitely possible!


A combination of both our Ukulele Passport and Pivotal Cajon Programmes, gain a surge in confidence when you master these 2 instruments in a day. There are no limitations to our capabilities as long as we set our hearts and mind in the tasks!


Duration: 3.5 - 4.5 hours  

Number of Participants: 10 to 200 pax 

monopoly live.png
Monopoly Live!

Based on the classic family favourite, the Monopoly Live! is a fusion of Monopoly and the Amazing Race!


Buy, Sell and Collect rent based on real live properties that you acquire during the race! With more than 30 short missions to play, coupled with a "live" computer programmed monopoly board and digital wallet, this typically slow-paced and intellectual board game turns into a fast-paced, high energy team-bonding experience!


Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours  

Number of Participants: 30 to 100 pax 

Band Together.png
Band Together

Specially designed for companies planning for team bonding across different departments, ​this programme aims to highlight the importance of organisational success, rather than just individual and departmental success.


Using multiple instruments such as Ukuleles, Guitars, Drums, Cajons and keyboards, this programme bands together the different teams to perform as a band with a final performance. 



Duration: 2 - 4 hours  

Number of Participants: 8 to 400 pax 


Let your creative juices flow in this special programme add-on, LYRICIZE! Participants will change the lyrics to existing songs taught in the main programmes to reinforce your company's vision and mission.


*Only available as an add-on to: Ukulele Passport, Keys to Success, Band Together, Music Jam


Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours  

Number of Participants: 8 to 400 pax 


Come up with your own company song or Jingle with our new programme! Reinforce your company's values and create a strong sense of belonging amongst employees by contributing to your company's own original composition.


Write your songs to standard backing tracks created by our talented musicians or work with and request for a fully original tune and own the rights to the song! 

 *Available as a standalone programme or as an add-on toUkulele Passport, Keys to Success, Band Together, Music Jam 


Duration: 2 - 4 hours  

Number of Participants: 8 to 100 pax 

Website icon.png
Drum Kit Up!

Kit Up with the skills to play the drum kit as well as the ability to understand how to compartmentalise your thoughts and multi-task efficiently. Learn how to train your brain to focus on the big picture as an individual, as well as in a team.



Duration: 2 - 4 hours  

Number of Participants: 8 to 30 pax 

Drumbody's Grooving!

In this adrenalin filled programme, participants will take up various instruments (Big Foldable Cajon, Mini Cajon and Boomwhackers) before finally performing a funk track as an entire team. 

The workshop will definitely be an enriching experience for all participants as they interact and build team spirit through the pulsating beats of Cajon & Boomwhackers and is perfect for fostering understanding and appreciation across different departments of an organization as well as new teams!

Duration: 1-3 hours  

Number of Participants: 10 to 200 pax 

Sambady's Grooving!

In this adrenalin filled programme, participants will take up various instruments, practise in smaller groups, before finally performing a samba reggae track as an entire team. 


The workshop will definitely be an enriching experience for all participants as they interact and build team spirit through the pulsating beats of samba!

Duration: 1-3 hours  

Number of Participants: 10 to 35 pax 


Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length. Used as musical instruments in the percussion family. They produce musical tones when struck together - on the floor, or against nearly any surface. This is a fun workshop that actively encourages noise!

If a group of acquaintances, together with a few colourful looking plastic tubes, can create an orchestra of sound. Imagine the endless possibilities when acquaintances become good friends and co-workers who understand each other really well?


This seemingly normal looking plastic tubes encourages cross-department collaboration in a high energy, fun-filled environment.


*Available as standalone or as an add-on with: Ukulele Passport, Keys to Success, Band Together, Music Jam

Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours  

Number of Participants: 10 to 100 pax 

Keys to Success

Who says you need to read scores to play the piano? In this short introductory course, we will teach you the important fundamentals of pop piano playing to help you get started on learning the instrument. 


This workshop also aims to impart the essence of productivity through effective multi-tasking and systematic learning, the skills needed to fuel your success!

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours  

Number of Participants: 10 to 30 pax 


Hear what our clients have to say about us!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do we need to have any prior music background?

Nope, not at all! Our programmes are specially designed for people with zero music background. We have done it successfully since 2011 for more than 300 companies, in just short span of 2 hours!

2) What is the cost of your team building programme?

Our rates depend on your group size, programme type and other details. (food/venue)


Send us a form and we'll get in touch shortly!

3) How long are your programmes? 

Depending on the group size, it usually ranges from 2-4 hours. The duration can also be customised to suit your requirements.

4) Where will the programme be held?


We are able to travel down to conduct our programmes at your preferred location. Alternatively, if you do not have a venue for your team building session, we have two locations.


One is at Ubi, which can accommodate up to 80 pax.


The other location is located at Stadium MRT station, suitable for smaller group sizes up to 15pax.

There are no additional charges to use our venue during the course of the programme. Both venues are fully air-conditioned and parking spaces are available.


Click here to see our locations

5) Do you provide food and drinks?

Complimentary light refreshments (drinks and biscuits) are provided for workshops held at our venue. Alternatively, you may also order from your preferred food caterer to our venue.

6) How many instructors will there be?

There will be 1 main instructor and a few assistant instructors. (The number of assistants depends on your group size)

7) What is the outcome we can get out of your programmes?

We guarantee that all participants will be able to learn to play and sing at the end of the session!


We are also able to deliver your objectives in a fun way and bring people closer together! Common deliverables are Leadership, Communication, Growth Mindset, Collaboration, Organizational Values and many more.

8) What are the songs that we will be learning? 

It will be a range of pop songs to evergreen songs, catered to all ages! You can expect to learn some songs such as "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars, "Shalala" by the Venga Boys, "Love will keep us alive" by The Eagles etc.

9) What is the lead time to book the workshop?

We typically require at least 2 weeks of lead time to reserve your slot, necessary manpower and logistics required. It is best to inform us as early as you can before slots get taken up! 


However, if your event day falls within 2 weeks of lead time, drop us an email and we will advise whether we are able to accommodate to your request. 

10) Is there a minimum pax size required? 

For most programmes, we require a minimum of 8 pax. 


If your group size falls below 8 pax, you may wish to consider joining our music workshops open to the public.

11) What attire should we wear?

Comfort is key! Ladies are advised to avoid wearing a dress/skirt for programmes that involve the Cajon (box-drum)



12) Do we need to pay for the rental of instruments?

Our rates include training instruments for all participants during the programme. 


We also have an option to include a brand new instrument for our Ukulele/Cajon programmes.


If your budget allows, we can customize our ukulele to include your company/brand name! 

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