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Interested in our music syllabus but prefer to learn on your own instead of in a group? Find it inconvenient to have lessons at your own home or the teacher's home? Why not consider taking private lessons from us at our music school?

What type of lessons do we offer?

Private lessons can be arranged for you to learn the Ukulele, Guitar, Keyboard or Cajon from our dedicated group of teachers. Whether you're a fresh beginner with zero music background or have learnt before and would like to improve your skills on the instrument, you are welcome to join us!

Our teachers are also able to cater to your preference if you prefer to learn a certain genre (e.g. mandopop), module (e.g. christian worship songs) or technique (e.g. fingerstyle ukulele). 

Where are we located?

- Ubi Branch 

- Stadium MRT Branch

Why learn from us?

Our unique syllabus has been specially crafted for students with zero music background. It is simple to understand and engaging for students of all ages.

Our centres are conveniently located at / near the MRT station, making it accessible for you to travel to for lessons. 

Our teachers are dedicated, professional and patient.


Want to kickstart your learning journey with us and find out more about our Rates?

Whatsapp us now at 88203186 or fill up the Contact Form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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