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Workshop Reschedule Policy

At TravelClef, our mission is to bring music and joy to everyone through our music programmes. We also aspire to help as many people fulfil their dreams of learning music. Like some of you, we've been through the times where we wanted to learn music, but never had a chance to because our parents couldn't afford our dream.


Right now, you may be financially independent, you no longer have the time to pursue this dream. Granted, it may also be quite daunting to learn something new in your adulthood. This is why our workshops are not your typical "weekly" classes. They are concise workshops, which help mitigate the "no time" reason for not embarking on their musical dreams.

However, by giving flexibility, means we will need some policies to help mitigate "no-shows" and low turn up rates which affects our profits and opportunity costs. It also deprives another student of taking up that seat in the class.


1) Free rescheduling 5 days in advance
(by Monday if it’s a workshop on Sat)

2) Any rescheduling less than 5 days in advance can choose to pay $25 to reschedule each time unless valid reason (Medical Certificate, compassionate reasons etc)

3) Strictly no rescheduling within 24 hours. It will be considered as "no-show", unless valid reason (Medical Certificate, compassionate reasons etc). 

4) For No-shows, the ticket will be forfeited. You can choose to repurchase the ticket again at 50% off. Unless valid reason (Medical Certificate, compassionate reasons etc). 

Do note that workshops are non-refundable.

All tickets will have an expiry of 2 years from the date of purchase.*

*For Tickets bought on and before 1 July 2020, their expiry date will be on 1 July 2022 instead.

If you need any support, drop us an email at

TravelClef reserves the right, at its discretion, to amend our policies when deemed necessary.

*Correct as announced on 4 Dec 2020.

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