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What is a Kazoo?

A kazoo is a humming instrument which adds a buzzing sound when you sing or hum into it.

You don't need any musical skills to play this!

Just hum/sing into the Kazoo and it’s as if you are playing an instrument already!


You can even play it with other instrument and do your solo parts with it. 

This instrument is perfect if you want to impress your friends with your music-playing ability without having to actually pick it up from scratch! 😂

All you need is 3 mins to watch the video below and you'll be able to play it instantly.


Learn how to play the Kazoo here:

Just a little bit about us:

TravelClef is a music school (based in Singapore) with a unique concept, where our music courses are designed in workshop style and are catered mainly to adults and corporate organisations.

We are well known for teaching adults with zero music background how to play music in just 2 hours.

Our music workshops are fun, easy-to-follow and they're perfect for people with no music background!

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We also conduct music team bonding programmes for MNCs/SMEs and have conducted programmes overseas in

New York, China, Indonesia and Thailand etc. 

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To help achieve our aim of spreading music to as many people as we can, we came up with Starter Kits, where anybody could start to self learn the instrument with our own brand of instruments and a video tutorial filmed by us.

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Do explore more about TravelClef by clicking around our website!

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