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Guitar Rewarding Oasis Workshop

Guitar Rewarding Oasis Workshop (optimiz

Learning the guitar is a long journey, with lots of painful practises and struggles.

You have embarked on this learning odyssey not just to explore, but also to reach a level of competence. 

As you walk through this journey, sometimes it will feel like you're in a desert, as if it is never-ending and stagnant.

This G.R.O.W series is specially written for someone like you, someone who may have started and got stuck in this desert!

Let us help you find your oasis and you'll be rewarded with a wealth of knowledge that will allow you to finally master the guitar.

The next instalment of our Guitar Workshop Series!


Perfect for those who have learnt the guitar before but stopped halfway!

In this workshop, we will help you polish your guitar skills and introduce intermediate concepts and theories in our own unique teaching style:

Practical and Easy to remember!

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Get the Full GROW Level 1-5 at the Price of 4!

(u.p. 5 x $109 = $545)

Early Bird Price:




Complete GLOW Level 1 - 5


Can play the following chords and transit well between them: G, D, Em, C, Am, E, A Dm, F (simplified), Bm (simplified)

GROW Level 1

  • Recap on all basic chords:

    • G, D, Em, C, Am, E, A , Dm, F(simplified), Bm(simplified)

  • 1 Finger barring practice

  • Fret board theory

  • Relative tuning

  • Power chords

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GROW Level 2

  • Chord theory

    • Difference b/w minor and major chords

  • Barre chord practising with E shape and Am shape

  • Chords extensions and variations

    • 7th chords

    • slash chords

    • suspended chords

Coming Soon

GROW Level 3

  • Em barre shape

  • A barre shape

  • Chord Derivation

  • Transposition

Coming Soon

GROW Level 4

  • C.A.G.E.D system

  • Scales

  • Pentatonic scales

Coming Soon

GROW Level 5

  • Improvisation using pentatonic scales

  • Practising improvisations on popular songs

  • Recap and Performance directions

Coming Soon

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