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Dearest Students and Friends of TravelClef,

By now, you would have already heard of the new Covid-19 measures announced on 14 May 2021, whereby social gatherings will be capped to 2 people from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021.

The measures aim to tackle situations whereby masks are removed and although right now it seems that our music classes can continue as long as our safe management measures are in place with added measures of "No singing" and instructors are to revert back to wearing face masks instead of face shields.

However, we do understand that there are many who may be fearful (rightly so) to go out of your residences for activities and would prefer to stay at home.

Even though we can continue the classes, we feel that it is also our obligation to protect our students, our teachers and our staffs.

Therefore, we will be temporarily suspending all physical classes from 15 May 2021 to 13 June 2021 (inclusive). Yes, you read that right, we will also cancel the 15 May classes, 1 day before the implementation of the new measures because we feel that it is not fair for the students to be obliged to come for lessons on 15 May or risk paying for the cancellation/rescheduling fee. Your safety and health is way more important to us than the cancellation fees. 

This is not an easy decision to make, because we still have bills and salaries to pay. 

But it is the right decision.

TravelClef is and will always be a company that spreads love, joy and music.

It will be a tough month for us, and our freelance instructors whose income largely depend on the number of lessons they conduct. But don't worry too much, we take really good care of our instructors too and we will definitely assist them during this difficult period.

In this month, we may be sending more sales emails, launch some new online classes here and there. Please don't judge us as being too "sales-oriented" ok? Because those are measures that we have to come up to help feed the people whom we are responsible for.

If it is within your means, do support us! If not, do help us share our promos and content to all your friends and social media.

We managed to survive to Circuit Breaker last year with your help and support.

I am confident, we will survive this too.

Stay home and stay safe everyone!

Best Regards,

Benjamin Kwan

Co-Founder, TravelClef

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