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About Our Music Workshops & Packages

No-Refund Policy

Dear student of TravelClef, first of all, thank you for purchasing our music workshops/packages.

Each and every one of you matter a lot to us and we are grateful you gave us the chance to be with you on your music-learning journey.

Instead of a typical terms & conditions page where it is filled with lengthy pointers, we'll like do it differently to explain why we have a no-refund policy, which we really hope to seek your understanding.

As you may already know, our music workshops are structured in a unique way such that it allows flexibility for our students, because we totally understand how busy life can sometimes be.


Having flexibility means you can reschedule to another date in advance if you cannot make it for a class.

As such, it takes a lot of planning on our side to set the workshop dates in advance, and that means we lock down the schedules of our instructors, venues and logistics for each workshop. 

To go the extra mile, we also engage 3rd party SMS service providers to send SMS reminders to all of our students 7 days before a class. We also have a rescheduling policy which allows you to reschedule your workshop, should you be unable to attend.

In short, what this means is whenever a customer cancels his/her order by asking for a refund, we incur a loss.


And as a small business, this can be a huge impact to us.

Therefore, we really ask for your understanding that all of our music workshops and packages are non-refundable.

Once again, we cannot emphasise enough how thankful we are that you chose to learn music with us, and we hope to truly bring joy to you through our services. 

If you need any support, drop us an email at

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