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3 Kinds of Music Surprisingly Useful In Office

We always aim to finish our tasks for the day before we leave work. However it seems so tough to be productive when we are stressed out, especially so in office. Music- your trustworthy companion- can actually help eliminate this problem! You can (and should) listen to music at work!

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1. For those who sit in the office all day and write countless boring emails repeatedly.

Good news! Research has shown that listening to Pop music increases your speed at work and reduces mistakes. Furthermore, your body secretes more feel-good hormones when you listen to music, so you'll feel less bored. You'll feel that time passes quickly and soon it's time to go home!

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2. For those of you who just want to concentrate on finishing your report due tomorrow.

Is the noise from the printers and footsteps causing you to lose focus? Are you starting to panic with the deadline coming up? Why not try listening to some Dance music? As surprising as it may sound, your accuracy actually improves as the non-lyrical melody masks the background noise, which means you can churn out that report as quickly as possible.


3. For those suffering from the unavoidable work-related pressure.

We all understand that feeling tense is inevitable with all the expectations for you. Relieve some stress by tuning in to Acoustic Guitar music. Research has shown that both listening to and playing music can trigger release of anti-stress hormones. If you know how to play the guitar, consider playing these songs to unwind and rejuvenate!

A piece of advice for all of you though!

Refrain from listening to your favourite songs while you work! You probably will spend more time grooving to the song and paying attention to the lyrics rather than focusing on your work. The more you are engaged in the music, the more you will lose focus!

In the real world, music has been used as an avenue for so many purposes and it has been fruitful so far! Check out their role in corporate team bonding and stress relief.

Although it is an unexpected remedy especially at your workplace, it is pleasant to have something to appreciate or groove to while getting work done. Try plugging in your headphones and see what effects it has on you!

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