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10 Songs To Instantly Improve Work Productivity

From our previous blog post, you would have realised that listening to music at work is actually great for improving our productivity! If you have not viewed that post, you can read it here. So, following up on that, TravelClef want to introduce you to songs that you can add into your playlist to groove to!

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

This man has captivated us with his soothing vocals and emotional lyrics. In fact, we love this song so much, that we did a cover on it on our Youtube channel in May!

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Katy Perry – Unconditionally

Katy Perry is another fantastic singer with explosive vocals and this empowering song is another song to add to our work playlist!

Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man

We’ve always known that her vocals are insane, with all that vocal riffs that she belts out! Probably this is when it helps us - because it is almost impossible for us to sing along!

Xue Zhi Qian – Actress (演员)

This Mandopop song, released around 2 years ago, was made popular again when Taiwanese Pop star Hebe Tian sung this song on a Chinese music show. It will calm your heart down after those upbeat songs.


NEW_ID - Falling

This song has minimal lyrics, which means less distraction and better focus. It is a great perk-me-up too with its upbeat tempo, which makes working on your task more engaging.

Dusty Bits - Bass Get Em’

Dance music like EDM gets our spirits all pumped up! Of course being at work, we can’t get too hyped up, so this one’s easy for you to follow its beat as you work on your task.


River Flows In You (Original: Yiruma)

We are all familiar with this classic piano piece right? Well, listen to it as a guitar piece- it has a new feeling to it. Feel all your stress flow away!

Air On A G String (Original: Johann Sebastian Bach)

This classic violin piece is played entirely on the G-string of the violin! Its slow beat will calm your nerves and let you take a breather among your busy work life.

Rude Instrumental Version (Original: Magic)

I believe most of us will know this widely popular song! Indulge in the instrumental version since you might sing along to the original song unknowingly!



Blackpink – As If it’s Your Last (Piano Cover)

For those who don’t follow Korean Pop (K-Pop), you might after listening to this super rookie group! Having debuted just last year, they have already set numerous records and won several awards! The piano cover has a different feel to it yet still contains the girls' swag!

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