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The ideal Keyboard course for all adults with zero music background

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

As a child, I have been to piano lessons, where I spend an hour in the room with my teacher, hours at home practicing and all in all, endless hours of suffering trying to learn how to play the massive instrument. Soon, I lost interest, trying to read all the 'tao gay' and not being able to play something close to what I have perceived as "music".

Flash forward years later, I finally understood what those lessons are for, but to squeeze out time to go back to learning and practicing it all? Seems like a task too daunting for me, so it just became one of the many things that I kind of wished I knew how to do. I came out with a list of reasons why it was not for me.

1) Time

The first thing that comes to mind is that "where would I have the time to attend lessons and constantly practice" between studies, work and the pursuit of life's many other goals, I don't see myself being able to commit that much time into learning this instrument. I'm sure many of you out there are similar, after working, the thought of spending more time and brain power trying to learn must be a great draw back.

2) Cost

The next thing about learning is the cost of lessons. Practicing to be able to play the songs that I would like while reading the music notes will take way too long and way too many lessons for my liking. Each of those lesson cost money, and with the many lessons need to progress especially as the grades get higher, it slowly adds up. Of course the cost of buying a piano or keyboard is part of it, but that is talked more about in detail in this article written by Dalston, 4 things to consider before buying a Piano. Click on it to find out more!

3) Results

Image from Wooden Earth Ltd. (

There would be no real immediate results if I was to go to a "proper" music school. I'm talking about results like "wow this guy can actually play a song", and not "hey I have some music fundamentals and I can read some notes". I guess its in human nature to want to be able to see substantial results and recognition quick, especially since effort went into practicing and attending lessons.

4) Social Stigma

As much as I'd like to say shun the haters. The idea of learning the piano always makes me think that is something only meant for kids to start in. Never had I heard of someone who is just starting to learn the piano at age 20+. So I guess this become one of the metal blocks that has kept me away from going to attend piano lessons.


Here at TravelClef, the Keyboard workshop is designed for adults with zero music background! Here are some reasons why you should sign up:


The keyboard workshop is only 3 hours, and only one session! As compared to the usual classes offered by music schools else where, its very much faster don't you think? Of course we also have higher levels which you can attend to learn even more advance skills and chords. But there is no weekly commitment, no 'homework', how great is that? With a total of 5 levels, that's only 15hours in total over 5 days of your convenience on learning an instrument. After which you would be able to play at a proficient level.


For a price of $189, you get a free flexi-key board at worth $169 along with the workshop. how good does that sound? Well, what is even more amazing is that the flexi-key board actually help saves so much space and is very very portable compared to the traditional keyboard or piano. Adding on to the worth of the product, there are step-by-step video tutorials of songs like "happy birthday" and "you are my sunshine" included. What makes ours so special? It is able to play chords and multiple keys without going out of tune unlike many others out there. It is designed here in Singapore by people who purely wants to spread the love of music. Even if you don't want to attend the workshop, you can just get the Flexi-keyboard starter kit on its own!

Easy to understand (even for beginners)

In our programme, it is designed step by step for beginners to understand how to play the piano even if they have zero music background. In our many other workshops, our participants usually do not have any music background too. Our teaching methods have been tried and tested with tens of thousands of people, each time proving successful. We believe that there isn't someone who "can't learn" an instrument, just that you haven't experience TravelClef's teaching before.

Comfortable learning environment

Embarrassed about making mistakes? At TravelClef, creating a comfortable environment to make mistakes. Making mistakes are something we always strive for, as we believe it is only through making these mistakes that we learn. So go ahead do not be afraid to fail, in fact each 'failure' becomes a much more memorable learning experience.

Afraid that you would be the only adult? Well, this workshop's main audience are adults! So don't worry everyone around you starts off at the same point. And a main point of the workshop is for everyone to make mistakes, what we are afraid of is not making mistakes, is that mistakes went unnoticed.

Of course you won't be learning how to read all the "tao gays". What you would be learning would be chords. And with these chords you would be able to play 5 songs by the end of the lesson!

Many non-believers would then go on to say how can it be done, these people are actors, fakes and more. But trust us this is not a scam. Here is a video of our very first Keyboard workshop participants performing!

After seeing these people perform, do you feel tempted yourself? Why not join us today to start your journey?:) Sign up for our Keyboard Workshop and receive a free flexi-keyboard worth $169 now!

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