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Tips To Squeeze Out More Time In A Day

There's not enough time in a day!

It always seem as if there's not enough time to do everything that's needed to be done in a day. Household chores, work, shopping, music, there is a never-ending list of things we have to do everyday.

How can we squeeze time out of our busy schedule to indulge in our hobby of playing music?

1. Waking up earlier

Get your day started on the right note and you will feel as if you have gained an extra hour in your day. It has been proven that days are more productive when you have an early start. Hence, convince yourself to wake up just 15 minutes earlier each day!

Using the extra 15 minutes you have gained from waking up earlier, here's what you are going to do.

1. Do not snooze. Once you alarm rings, diligently get out of bed.

2. Make a to-do list. Mentally prepare yourself for the list of things you have to achieve by the end of the day.

3. As you wash up, make sure your brain is all about positivity. Tell yourself that you can and you will complete your to-do list today. Tell yourself that it is going to be a great day today and that everything will go your way!

2. Schedule your practice time

Make a regular time slot for your practice session and try to keep to it consistently so that it will develop to become a habit. One tip to have a more effective practice session is to have it at the start of your day. By having it at the start of your day, you are less likely to be disturbed and distracted by possible problems that may arise as the day goes one.

In fact, you don't even need to set aside 1 hour each day. You can just set aside 10 to 15 minutes each day and see great results in the long run.

3. Turn off your phone

You must have heard this piece of advice many times before but it is really true. Technology is a definite interference to your practice session. When you are having your music practice session, just leave your phone out of your sight. Given that 10-15 minutes are very short sessions, utilise the different hacks to improve your focus for each session. This is so that you will be able to attain maximum results during your practice session.

Alternatively, if you reduce your usage of other technology in the day, you will find out that you have so much excess time!

Examples include:

1. Television

This is a good starting point to squeeze out extra time out of your schedule. Anything on television can be found on the Internet now. A 30 minutes news on the television can be easily summarised into a 10 minutes read on the Internet, so make the correct choice of the platform used!

2. Instagram

Time spent on stalking 9gag is not considered useful! Cut down your stalking and you will realise new time found for your music practice session.

3. Games

Of course, the interactions you have with your gamer friends are indispensable. It's time for you to make a choice. Is gaming or music more important in your life. Does gaming provides you with as much benefits as music?

4. Supper

Listen to your heart, not your stomach. You know that your stomach is not really feeling hungry.

4. Be more proactive

The reason we find it hard to find time to practice music is that we are constantly reacting to things that are happening around us. We do not have the initiative to fix the time or the diligence to start our own practice time. We have so many excuses as to why we do not have enough time but the real issue is this. The real issue is that we choose to spend our time on other things.

Time is such a funny thing. Sometimes, it seems to just fly by. Other times, it barely trickles by. Time is to be created, so take a look at your schedule now. Where can you fit in 10-15 minutes of free time?

Walk through the above tips and for the extra time you have found, make sure to set realistic goals for what you can achieve in that period of time. Enjoy playing music!

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