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How Special Is Your Mothers' Day Gift?

In view of Mothers’ Day last Sunday, I have come across several heartwarming dedications on social media filled with gratitude and reflection from children. However, for myself, this Mothers’ Day was rather special.

I got an opportunity to follow TravelClef on their journey to deliver happiness to 2 special mothers.

We asked Facebook users to participate in our Mothers’ Day campaign “Messages of Love” simply by telling us how important their mothers are to them.

Watch the full video here!

Reading their carefully crafted dedications in their Facebook comments, we could feel the sincerity of the participants. Having to personally record a video message for their mother may be awkward since it is already tough to express our thanks and affection for them usually. The participants, however, took this chance to express the appreciation that they have kept in their hearts for a long time. Seeing that, we were all the more determined to succeed in our surprise plan.

With a bouquet in hand, a video message and song dedication by the participants, we went ahead to surprise the mothers!

Music is magic for reaching out to people’s emotions and conveying the message effortlessly. The mothers, who watched with tears brimming, were indeed overcome with emotions as they felt the love from the children they raised painstakingly.


Watching this from the side, I also felt my own emotions stir as I imagined how thankful the participants must have been, and the thoughts that flashed across the mother’s mind. We depend on our mothers since young and treasure her deeply.

To be able to restart this campaign again after 4 long years, our founders are extremely glad to continue upholding our initial spirit of “bringing music to you”. I believe that just like our participants, we are often held up by inevitable life situations and may forget about our family members who support us from the sidelines.

However we, as children, seldom have the courage to tell our mothers how much we love them. At least on a special occasion, give them a pleasant gift of music and show your love!

Visit TravelClef's Facebook page to keep yourself updated on our future campaigns so that you can gift your loved ones a special moment they will always treasure!

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