• Hong Yi (The Chubby Intern)

What do you spend your free time on?

Hi everyone! So this week, time was a hot topic here in the TravelClef office. With the many New Year's resolutions that everyone are trying to achieve, time seems to always be never enough. We all hope for that extra 25th hour so that we can get a little more done. This got us thinking: through our workshops, we have been teaching people with zero experience how to play the Ukulele in just 2 hours. So, I wonder what else can we do in two hours? I think the real question here is, If we had 2 hours of free time to ourselves, what would we actually do with it????

So, there were many different ideas that we came up with, such as watching television/Netflix, surfing the web and sleeping were the most popular choices. I guess those are the first few things that would come to most people's minds when they have free time. Seeing how we churn our brain juices at work, a good break where our minds could rest was something that we all crave for. As we talked more about it over lunch, it got everyone thinking more about how else could we spend these 2 hours.

Some thought about shopping since Chinese New Year was coming. Catching up with friends was also a popular choice. Health junkies, of course, picked working out, 2 hours is the most effective gym period for most people is it not? Reading was also something that could be enjoyable... Imagine sitting back with a cup of coffee and a good book. Sounds marvellous, doesn’t it?

While on the topic, I realised how everyone had some sort of a background in music, while here I am, blank like a piece of paper :( This got me thinking, if so many people had already learnt the Ukulele in 2 hours, I should consider going for one of the Ukulele Passport Workshop too! Maybe I could finally play a musical instrument properly. I could even join in the free jam sessions that are held by TravelClef for participants that have completed the workshop from time to time.

When I first heard about it, I thought that it was pretty cool how these sessions bring so many people together to have a fun time and learn some popular songs. Our co-founders’ mission of bringing joy and music to everyone is really one that they hold close to their hearts. There are even some free video tutorials online for people to learn new songs from time to time.

Here's a video showing the Ukulele Christmas Jamming Session that we had not too long ago!

That's all from me this time!! If you guys decide to join any of the workshops, I'll see you real soon! This is Hong Yi, signing out! Till next time!

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