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  • Hong Yi (The Chubby Intern)

4 Easy and Unique Valentine's Day Ideas

Hi everyone, with Valentine's coming up soon, how is preparations for it coming along? No matter single or attached, let us all come together and spend the day spreading love to those around us shall we?

Away with all the cliché gifts of flowers and chocolate (let's be honest, they are really expensive during this period too), let us explore more options. Here at TravelClef, we came up with a couple of ideas that are easy to make!

1) Writing an appreciation note / letter

Go old school and write a simple note to your friends, family or significant other how much they mean to you! Let them know that you appreciate them and their efforts over the years. Go the extra mile of designing your own card to make it a little more special with a personal touch. You could even include a little gift in it as a surprise. ;)

2) Create a Video

Make a trip down memory lane with a video. Compile a video with all the photos that you have collected over the years - from proper pictures together, to the many unglamorous photos that you have collected. Add in a happy sound track there you have it. (Maybe even a Ukulele sound track?) :D

3) Bake together

What could be better than spending time together and making a delicious snack at the same time? Sure, some cookie dough might be eaten raw and some cookies might fail miserably in the oven. But heck, it will be memories that will last a life time.

4) Singing and playing a song

Why pick up a new instrument and learn a song for your friends and loved ones? It is actually much easier than you would expect! Not only will you learn a new skill yourself, you can also impress and surprise them.

Here's a video of 5 beautiful mandarin love songs to get you started.

At our ukulele workshop, you will learn to play at least 5 different songs, in under 2 hours. What's more, it forms a great foundation to prepare you for many other songs. The 5 songs includes, You are My Sunshine, Just the Way You Are and I'm Yours, just to name a few.

Piqued your interest in learning the Ukulele? Join our Ukulele Passport Workshop today! In just 2 hours, you would be able to learn 5 song, and the knowledge to know how to play many more!

I hope that these few ideas helped you, or at least inspired you to do something else. This is Hong Yi signing off, see you again soon!:D

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