• Hong Yi (The Chubby Intern)

5 Things I have learnt with TravelClef

Today marks the end of my 15 weeks internship with TravelClef. After this, I'd be heading back to school to continue my very important paper chase. There were many lessons learnt, memories made and friendships forged over my short stint.

Among the numerous lessons that I would have never learnt in school, few stood out to me. Let me share them with everyone.

1. Marketing Strategies

Of course in marketing modules we learn all about how to market to the different consumers and theories on how to create a want for the product. But in the end, how much of it can actually be brought over to the real world and continue to be effective? Here at TravelClef, I was given the opportunity to try different methods on how to market to our customers, which each gave me deeper understanding on how it works.

2. Teamwork

Not just "teamwork" like "let's work on this part together, and if something goes wrong we can mend it together" kind of teamwork. But more so of everyone working on their individual "projects" on their own but at the same time supporting each other through what each individual does. Being a small company, everyone has to be responsible for a different role with each having minimum overlaps with one another. This means that each one of us has to hold our own fort in the things that we do. But even as such, we contribute the the grand picture of keeping TravelClef up and running. A unique blend of teamwork I'd call it.

3. Systemisation

Many things in here at TravelClef has been made into a streamline system. Not only on the customer front, but even down to my own learning experience. Each step of the way there is a unique learning method that shall not to disclosed here. (Join us to find out more ;) )

4. Softwear

In school, we often talk about what we can improve or introduce many software that perform certain tasks. But we never actually learn which are the specific ones that we can use in the working world (or at least up till now I haven't). So during my internship, I was exposed to some of these applications that I will be able to use in the future.

5.Negotiation Skills

Every single time that I speak to a customer or client, it is always a mini test to my negotiation skills. Yes in school we do employ similar skills in our presentations and other interaction with our peers and lecturers, but the pressure is so very different. In school, it is our grades on the line. But at work, not only is the transaction that could be worth thousands on the line, a string of possible future business opportunities looms over me. This makes the pressure much more intense, but at the same time the sense of satisfaction is so much more. Crossing numerous hurdles through the weeks, I really can feel myself improve so much more, especially becoming a lot of confident.

In the end, these 5 were just few of the take aways I have. There is so much more that would just take too long to list it all. The gratitude I have to TravelClef is cannot be put into words. I have seen and learnt so much that in hindsight I never thought would be possible to learn as an intern. I look forward to see the continual growth, and possibly joining for another internship again:) That's all from me for now, Hong Yi, the chubby intern, signing off, goodbye!:)

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