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Do you know what Dad really want for Father's Day?

Of all the holidays, Father’s Day is probably one of the least celebrated one. Have you ever wondered how Dad feel every time this day comes? Let's look at one possibility.

It is Father's Day. You laid in bed, looking forward to Dad's reaction when he sees what you have prepared. You could hear Dad getting out of bed, his footsteps echoing through the peaceful house. As Dad walks to the table where your gift lies, you sprinted out of bed and peeked from behind the door to see his reaction.

Dad opens your handmade card. The words ‘I love you’ catch his eyes and a smile stained upon his lips. He is immersed in the moment of happiness and focused on savouring the moment, never once releasing his grip on the piece of card on his hands.

For the first time ever, his mind and body relaxes. He is not an employee with deadlines to rush, a boss with schedules to meet or the main breadwinner of a family with an income to bring home. He is, at that moment, a winner.

Even if all father insists they want nothing for Father’s Day, it’s the thought that counts. However, there are countless times when these thoughts can go wrong. As such, here’s a list of ideas for what you can get for Dad this Father’s Day!

The Practical Dad

Is your Dad the kind of guy who would love it if you give him something that’s useful?

Get rid of your dad’s daily shaving cream and make your own. To make DIY shaving cream, you only require basic ingredients such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, soap, baking soda and tea tree oil. First, melt the ingredients and then whip the ingredients together 'till they are fluffy! There you have it, Dad’s customised concoction filled with love.

The Romantic Dad

Does your Dad always remember special occasions - your birthday, your graduation day etc, and always made sure to sing you your favourite song and buy you flowers?

For romantic Dads, a perfect gift will be a ukulele. Imagine him singing along with the ukulele strums, that will be a scene I would wish to see too! If your Dad already owe a ukulele or a guitar, you can buy him a tuner too! Decorate it with a personalised message and you are good to go.

The Sentimental Dad

Does your Dad think of you as his precious baby whom he doesn’t ever want to let out of sight? Does your Dad worries so much when you return home late at night?

You know how much Dad has given up for you. Let him know how special he is to you! Fill a jar up with pictures of your past adventures as well as activities that y’all can enjoy together in the future. It’s always not too late to reassure Dad of his indispensable role in your life.

The Hipster Dad

Your dad is pretty chic. He knows the latest in clothes, music and movies. He’s an artist at heart.

What’s better than to tap into the hipster drum kits trend? Express how much you understand and love your dad by getting him this portable flexi-drums set that is really affordable. Now, Dad can hit some pretty good beats while chilling at home.

The Foodie Dad

If the way to Dad’s heart is through his tummy, you know what to do.

Whip up your best dishes and go on a picnic, be it at Marina Barrage or Singapore Botanic Garden. Alternatively, if you are not confident of your cooking skills, bring him out for a good meal at a nice restaurant. Think of outdoor restaurants on the rooftop, by the beach, in nature. Be creative. Don’t disappoint your Dad’s tummy!

Let's make Father's Day a memorable day for your Dad.

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