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Feeling Exhausted? 5 Relaxing things to do in Singapore

People who grew up in the 90s would probably be familiar with the the term 5C's in Singapore, which are the "benchmarks" to determine whether one is successful in life.The 5C's are none other than Cash, Cars, Condominium, Country club and Credit card.

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According to reports by the Manpower Ministry, Singaporeans are working on an average of 45.1 hours in a week (per person), annually. This equates to 2345 hours per worker in 2017. Singapore figures beat countries like Japan and South Korea, with each person clocking up to 1713 hours and 2069 annually for each respective countries, according to OECD statistics.


While I do agree on working hard to fulfil our aspirations, it is important to unwind and spend quality time elsewhere! Below is a list of 5 relaxing things to do that is suitable for all ages!


1.Have a picnic at Botanic Gardens

Thinking of eating out but refuse to splurge on a fancy restaurant? Take your family out for a picnic at botanic gardens to experience “alfresco” dining, nature-watching and catching up with your love ones!

Image Credit: Singapore Botanic Gardens Palm Valley, by Commons Wikimedia


2. Hit the trail at Macritchie

Take a break from the concrete jungle and immerse yourself in mother nature. Look forward to the tree top walk to experience a panorama view of the central catchment area, as well as pesky monkeys terrorising the bridge!

Image Credit: Singapore Macritchie Nature Trail by travel oriented, Flickr


3. Movie marathon at home

Perhaps it’s a sign of aging as I find having a movie marathon at the comfort of your own home sounds more attractive than hitting the movies. And when I say movie marathon, it means watching HBO, Celestial Movie or Netflix on my flat screen, tri-luminous TV. While having a decent screen is a bonus, what matters are the company, choice of programmes, and comfort!


4. Go karaoke with your friends

There is a saying that music moves one’s emotion. Singing provides a platform for people to relieve stress through music, which may be inappropriate in a corporate or social setting. In addition, singing helps to improve brain functions as it involves memorising lyrics and involves multiple senses.


5. Learn a Music Instrument

On the topic of music, picking up an instrument is a novel way to relax. One of the easiest instrument to pick up is the Ukulele, as you can learn a Ukulele in just 2 hours!

Learning a Ukulele is easy, as it only requires 4 strings, as compared to guitar that has 6 strings.If you already own a Ukulele, here are 5 tips and tricks to tune your Ukulele!

I personally find it an ideal instrument to learn due to its simplicity, light-weight, and portability! Moreover, Ukulele is friendly for all age group, from the young to the wise, making it a perfect instrument for family/friends gathering (even Chinese New Year!)

Now you know a few tips to relax, time to mark your calendar and get the activities going!

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