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How do we plan a corporate team bonding activity that will delight our clients?

As a leading music provider in Singapore, we have conducted our team building programmes to more than hundreds of companies and schools since 2011. We come in contact with many clients everyday and we always strive to fulfil their corporate objectives.

In order to meet their objectives, here's how we plan each programme for our clients.

1) Understanding client's requirements

For every enquiry that comes in, we will find out what the clients would like to achieve at the end of the team building programme.

Some examples clients purely wanting their employees to interact and bond together, whereas some clients would want us to bring a message across to the team.

One example is how our client, PILZ, wanted to bring their company's mission statement to their staff. We did this through a ukulele programme, couple with a song writing programme where they break into groups to write their own song, fusing in the company's mission into the song.

Other than finding out their objectives, we also try to understand details like the duration they have, the setting, the profile of their participants.

2) Planning/Customisation of the programme

Upon finding out from clients their objectives, we then proceed to design a programme to meet their goals. Selecting from our list of team bonding programmes, we will plan the timeline of the project according to the client's duration given.

Here is a typical example of our most popular programme, ukulele passport workshop programme.

50 mins: Introduction to ukulele and learning of 4 basic chords

35 mins: Learning of songs on the ukulele

15 mins: Break out group practice (each group to choose a song to perform) 20 mins: Finale (performance) and closing

3) Execution of the team building programme on the actual day

Preparation of logistics

Preparation of logistics are done by our operations team prior to the actual day. We double check that logistics are being picked up and delivered early to the location. Designated instructors will be given a run through of the programme flow and objectives.

Set up

We will arrive early at the venue before the start of workshop to do our set up and tune the instruments. We also ensure that our instruments are in good working condition.

Execution of programme

Here comes the fun time! Our syllabus are specially crafted to suit everyone even if you have zero musical background. From evergreen songs to pop songs, we ensure that our participants will be able to relate to the songs taught. We also guarantee that our participants will be able to play a couple of songs at the end of the programme (but we cannot guarantee that they can quit their corporate jobs and start busking on the streets).

Instructors will go around to assist participants who requires more help with the chord positions and transitions. It is always a warming sight to see them being able to play and perform with the rest of the team during the finale.

Usually towards the end of the programme, participants will be split into smaller teams to practise for the finale performance.


At the end of the programme, our lead facilitator will then conduct a debrief to drive across the intended message/objective of the programme itself.

4) After the team building programme

As photos and videos were being taken, we will compile it together and then send it to our clients so that they can relive the fun they had.

At the end of the day, we want to create an unforgettable experience for our clients, inspiring them to continue learning music and always remember that a strong team is one who plays together.

The post got you excited? Let us bring the joy of music and fun to you! Fill up this enquiry form to find out more about our team building programmes today!

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