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BTS of a Virtual Team Bonding Programme

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has affected many businesses and the mental well-being of many. It has become essential for companies to keep the morale of their employees high by keeping them bonded and in good spirits.

Due to the strict restrictions in Singapore, our corporate team bonding programmes had to come to a pause during the circuit breaker period.

The situation resulted in many employees having to work from home. That’s when we came up with the idea of having a virtual team building workshop back in 2020. As a leading team building provider in Singapore, we believe that nothing can stop us from bringing joy to people through our music programmes.

It was a challenging start at first, but our virtual team bonding programmes have proven to meet the objectives of our clients.

Trusted by many MNCs and SMEs since 2011, we always strive to ensure our team building programmes are well-planned and engaging for our clients.

Our programmes are held with all the stringent Safe management measures implemented to meet the safe management measures, strict restriction rules and ensure safety to all participants.

Here are some of the Virtual Team Building Programmes we provide:

Let’s give you a glimpse of how we prepare for our virtual events!

Preparation of logistics is done by our operations team prior to the Virtual team building workshop. We ensure that the logistics are being picked up by our courier and delivered early to the location. Designated skilled instructors will be given a run through of the programme flow and objectives to bring to you the best team bonding experience.

Here’s how we prepare for one of our most popular programmes which is, ukulele passport workshop!

With considerations for our workshop participants, all ukuleles will be checked and tuned, tuning of a musical instrument may be challenging for beginners thus to make things easier, our team will tune for the participants before sending them out.

Ukulele tuned beforehand may be slightly out of tune due to various reasons during delivery but fred not! Our instructors would guide and teach you the ways of tuning.

For all Virtual team building workshops, we made it convenient for our clients.

We Will be delivering the training instruments to your doorstep or to a central location depending on client’s request and would have our courier to collect it back prior to the instructions on this Packing Instructions package.

All Training Ukuleles will include a tuner, booklet, and the packing instructions pack. Carefully packed by our team.

For purchased Ukuleles, the package would include a tuner, booklet, and an Alegria UK13C.

Worried that you might receive a bad quality Ukulele? Rest assured, as our team will tune and check to ensure that the Ukulele has no defects or damages before sending it to customers.

After each programme:

Complimentary Videos and Photos of participants during the workshop will be taken, edited by our team and sent to our clients so that they can look back at the memories taken and relive the fun.

All Musical Instruments sent back will be checked by our team to ensure that nothing is missing and will be cleansed and sanitised to compromise the pandemic, and ensure the health and hygiene for everyone.

In fact, here are some pictures of our very own company’s 10th year anniversary Virtual Team Bonding cum celebration with our programmes held virtually via zoom.

If you like to find out more about our programmes click here.

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