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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is around the corner! Ever since I was a child, I often have to crack my brains on what to buy / make for my dad. If you are also having some trouble... let us help you!

1. Create a Ukulele for your Dad!

It's exciting to play an instrument and make music for your loved ones. More's extra special when you make the instrument and put a personal touch to it!

Perfect for kids 7 years old and above, this 2-days Ukulele Kids Virtual Workshop will allow your child to:

Day 1: Paint the Ukulele! (2 hours)

Day 2: Learn to Play (2 hours)

Only $150 per pax for the 2-days workshop.

You can enjoy the activities safely and at the comforts of your home. We will provide all the materials. Yes you saw that right! All materials (ukulele, paint, art tools) will be delivered to your doorstep prior to the workshop!

No musical background needed! You just need to turn up for the session via zoom and we guarantee lots of fun! :)

Register your interest now and make the most of your kids holiday with this fun and super exciting activity!

2. Want to surprise your Dad with a heartfelt song this Father's Day?

Join our Songwriting Essentials Workshop! It will be for 2 lessons (2 hours each) for 2 Saturdays, June 12 and 19 at 11 am. Once again, classes will be held virtually via Zoom; hence, you may join from the comforts of your home!

This course is only $160 per pax. The most exciting thing is that this course is open to anyone who enjoys music and have always wanted to be a songwriter! No musical background needed.

Kids above 12 years old are welcome to join too!

What am I going to learn for 2 days?

On the 1st lesson, you will be taught how to build a 'word bank' for your song theme, understanding the structure of a song, and how to determine the length of lyrics. On the 2nd day, you will learn how to compose a melody and how to create your own song by combining your lyrics and melody.

By the end of these 2 lessons, you'll be equipped with the skills to write your own song! And since Father's Day is around the corner, why not surprise dad with a song you wrote about him? :)

3. Kickstart Dad's musical journey with us!

Fulfil your dream of playing music today. You don't need to have any musical background. These tutorials are perfectly designed for beginners PLUS it comes with an instrument.

Once again, our video tutorials are perfectly designed for students who have ZERO musical background. They are:

1. Easy to follow (step-by-step)

2. Perfect for beginners with no music knowledge

3. Comes with clear chord diagrams & lyrics to sing along

4. Comes with a PDF version of the materials needed

5. We teach you the basics before progressing to teaching you different songs, styles and techniques!

It's like having your own private music lesson + karaoke session at home!

Click the images below to purchase!

Flexi-piano Starter Kit $99

Inclusive of: Flexi Piano instrument & 40min Video Tutorial + PDF eBook

Flexi-drum Starter Kit $109

Inclusive of: Flexi Drums instrument & 40min Video Tutorial + PDF eBook

Our BESTSELLER: Flexi-piano and Flexi-drums bundle for only $138!

Inclusive of: Flexi Piano instrument, Flexi Drums instrument, 40min Video Tutorial for each instrument + PDF eBook for each instrument

Guitar Starter Kit $188

Inclusive of: 3/4 Sized Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Bag & 40min Video Tutorial + PDF eBook

Ukulele Starter Kit $88.80

Inclusive of: Concert Sized Ukulele, Ukulele Bag & 40min Video Tutorial + PDF eBook

Cajon Starter Kit

Inclusive of: Foldable Cajon, Cajon Backpack, & 40min Video Tutorial + PDF eBook


TravelClef is a music school that specialises in teaching complete beginners how to play music in just 2-3 hours. Our workshops are designed for corporate team building as well as for individuals. Companies love our programmes because music bonds everybody together. Individuals enjoy our music workshops because we teach music in a fun, engaging and easy-to-understand way. Come experience what we do here at:

We also strive to create high-quality, travel-friendly instruments that make it easier for people to play music wherever they are. Browse our online music store to see our collection of music instruments: TravelClef Online Music Store

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